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Horror Erotica

Happily Ever After Series

with Raisa Greywood

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Love bites. Literally.
When two ancient vampires lose the love of their immortal lives, they lose each other, too.
Everlasting vengeance follows them through the centuries. Forgiveness can never come when the wounds are so fresh, yet it might soon cost them all they hold dear.
Join Raisa and Sinistre, but keep the lights on. As with all the Happily-Never-After books, the dawn of a happy ending will never come.

Love can be hell. Literally.

From the most twisted minds of Sinistre Ange and Raisa Greywood comes this collection of horror-inspired short stories.


  • Witch

  • The Devil's Doorbell

  • The Monster Under the Bed

  • One Damned F***

  • We Invite You In

  • Breathless

Dive into the darkest depths, dance with demons if you dare, and explore the unique and thrilling satisfaction that only happily-never-after can give.

For mature audiences and horror fans only. These stories get darker the further you delve, so if you start to get scared, get out while you can.

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