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Life in The Zones is dangerous for anyone who refuses to suppress their true nature. Alphas and Omegas mysteriously disappear, sent to suffer the unspeakable fates that await them in The Territories. For Trish, keeping a steady supply of suppressing medication is a struggle both financially and logistically, but a black market supply is rumored to exist if she's willing to risk sneaking into The Territories to find it.

As she enters The Territories, her worst fears are confirmed: Trish is definitely an Omega. But the Alpha who claims her is more than just the one to whom she must surrender. Jordan is a Daddy Dom, and his protective instincts are as strong as his desire to possess Trish in every way. As she learns that much of what she's been led to believe about her true nature is a lie, can Trish give in to the passion Jordan ignites within her and accept her place as his Little too?

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Some Empires are meant to crumble.

This is NOT a romance. There will be a follow-up serial.

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