Taboo Kinks

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Meg and Russ' sex life is becoming stale, but she's still shocked when he starts encouraging her to flirt with his co-worker Leo Crisp.

She's also shocked by how attracted she is to the large, black, handsome man and how easy it is to follow his dominant commands.

With her husband's encouragement, Meg's reluctance is overcome... and then the tables are turned as she begins to truly enjoy her black bull and her husband becomes conflicted. work by Golden Angel LLC. Beyond The Fog took them all over the world while being written, and the outcome is an influential page-turner unlike any of their prior projects.

Nineteen year old Janie's story continues as her continued misbehavior and teasing leads to new consequences under the thumb of her guardian.

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Janie was adopted, unfortunately her parents were killed and she went to live with her adoptive grandmother who raised her. But when Janie's grandmother goes into the hospital, she finds herself with a new guardian even though she's nineteen years old. The consequences for misbehaving are suddenly very different from what she's used to.