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Dark Romance & Erotica

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A collection of Dark Erotica - the scenes are blazing, the relationships are not traditional (if they can even be considered relationships), and a happily-ever-after is not guaranteed. These tales are NOT for the faint of heart!

*Trigger Warning - Some of the adult content could be upsetting to some readers - the stories get darker as you read, if you start to feel uncomfortable it's best to retreat*

Prison Sentence: Noelle White chooses to forgo a traditional prison sentence, choosing to be auctioned off as a pleasure slave to repay her debt to society and the company she stole from. She tells herself it'll be easier to serve a year as a pleasure slave rather than spend ten years in a jail cell. She hadn't expected just how shockingly aroused serving a man who literally owns her would be. Her body betrays her as she finds her pleasure being owned by a man who cares nothing for her. MF.

The Lord's Personal Maid - set in Victorian England. When the lord of the manor, Sir Ethan, discovers his favorite maid engaged in clandestine activities, rather than turn her out for lewd behavior, he gives her the option of being lewd with him and retaining her position. It is an opportunity which she gladly takes despite the great age difference between them. As his desires become more depraved, her own satisfaction grows greater. MF and MFM.

The Truth Will Set You Free - a hot mind control short story. Sam confronts his ex-girlfriend using a new truth serum he created. He's determined to get to the truth behind all the lies she's told him. When her fantasies of being forced and her obvious arousal at having to cater to his every demand becomes apparent, Sam finds himself crossing some shocking lines. MF and MFF.

A Rough Sorority Rite - Lacy is willing to do anything to become a sister in the most influential sorority on campus. Her last night as a pledge includes servicing the president of the sorority. Zara is both cruelly and sensually dominant and Lacey finds herself responding in depraved ecstasy. FF.

Being the Maid - When a princess and her maid are captured by a group of bandits, the leader of the group immediately claims the princess for his own, and the poor maid is handed off to his three corhorts for their own amusement. At least one of them is more than he seems and Bridget, the maid, finds herself more and more confused as the days pass and her heart is drawn to Garrett even as her body is shared between him and his rougher cohorts. MF, MFM, MMFM.

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When Annie's parents' neighbor Mark tells her he has a Sybian, she doesn't know what that is, but when she gets back to college and looks it up, she becomes obsessed with the idea of riding one. Once she's back home on summer vacation, the opportunity arises when Mark leaves town and she's house-sitting for him.

But riding the Sybian is the least of Annie's dark fantasies, and when Mark returns and she finds out he has cameras down in his basement where the Sybian is located, she has an opportunity to live out more of her fantasies. She offers a trade: she'll ride the Sybian in front of Mark, live, if he'll delete the vidoes of her. Mark accepts the trade and Annie dives into an erotic, perverse rabbithole of sex for Sybian rides, pleasure for pleasure, and her darkest fantasies come true.

Annie and the Sybian is an erotica novel, approximately 25,150k words with a horny eighteen year old, and a HFN ending. It is NOT a romance. Annie's adventures will continue when she goes back to college. There is no cliffhanger.

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Some attractions are too strong to resist.

I know it's wrong...

The way he looks at me.

The way he makes me feel.

The things he does to me... all in the name of teaching me consequences

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