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Omega and Beast teaser

A cramp hit Callista as she ran, causing her to stumble. She cried out in pain as her hands and knees hit the hard ground. Yet even as she cried out, she surged to her feet.

The low growl that rumbled through the air sent another cramp through her, and she fell again, panting for breath as liquid heat pooled in her lower body. Her heat had never felt like this before. It hurt, yet it didn’t, and she didn’t know what to make of it.

Lifting her head, she whimpered when she saw it.

The Beast.

In front of her, only a few feet away.

On all fours, it peered at her, tilting its head. It had a snout, not quite like a dog’s or wolf’s, much shorter, and a mouth filled with what looked like razor-sharp teeth. Intelligent yellow eyes glowed in the dark as his gaze met hers, making her suck in a breath. Despite its beastly appearance, its gaze didn’t seem to be that of a beast. Atop its head, two curling horns jutted out from its fur, making it appear devilish.

A long, red tongue escaped to lick its chops… then it stood on two legs. Callista stared at the humanoid figure. Its legs were bent oddly, more like a goat’s than a human’s, and it was covered in short, reddish fur that couldn’t quite mask its muscled frame. Between its legs jutted a huge, thick erection.

Callista had seen farm animals breeding, and she knew what a male’s member was, but this…

The liquid heat inside her pulsed, and she cried out, pressing her legs together as need shot through her, stronger than she’d ever felt.

The Beast purred.

She gasped. Not only because of the sound the thing was making, but because of the effect it had on her body. The pain receded, leaving her with intense arousal and growing pleasure that didn’t hurt, but still left her aching.

“No…” she whispered.

The Beast tilted its head and flexed his hands.

Purred again.

Callista moaned as pleasure surged, her hands pressing between her skirts against her aching body. Fluid gushed, wetting her thighs. Shocked, she looked up at the Beast.

It stepped closer, tilting its head back and forth, studying her even as its purr turned into a croon. Callista whimpered. Her body was betraying her, heat filling her skin, plumping her nipples and her womanhood, making her ache in throbbing demand.

The Beast reached down, gathering some of the pearly fluid leaking from the tip of his cock onto his finger, and he held it out to her. She should have recoiled, but she found herself leaning forward instead—the scent like nothing she’d ever smelled before. Musky and yet woodsy and entirely edible. Her mouth watered.

She couldn’t control her body as she found herself leaning forward even more, her hands reaching for the ground as her lips parted. The Beast smeared the fluid across her lower lips, pushing his clawed finger into her mouth. It scraped against her tongue, hard enough to hurt, but she didn’t taste blood.

All she tasted was him.

Salty. Sweet. Delicious.

Her body demanded more, and she found herself crawling forward—crawling to the Beast. The Alpha. The violent creature Father Conal said would slaughter them all if they were caught outside the safety of the village at night.

How much was truth? How much was lies?

His visage was terrifying, but he smelled so good… and she was too aroused to be frightened.

Was this how all the other sacrifices had died? Crawling to their doom because of instincts they couldn’t ignore?

Or was this because she was a sinful Omega, unable to resist any male other than her father when she was in heat? Because there was no doubt, Alpha Beast or not, the thing was male. And her body wanted him.

The flavor of him coated her tongue, and she wanted more. Craved more. She stared at the liquid shimmering on the tip of his cock, her mouthwatering even as her mind screamed at her that this was wrong. So, so wrong.

He dropped to all fours again, moving around her as agile as he was on two legs, but she didn’t have the strength to get to her feet. The need pulsing inside her kept her frozen in place, unable to flee, unable to move as he grew closer. Heat seemed to emanate from his body, warming her outsides as his purring growl stoked the fire inside.

Hot breath wafted against the back of her neck, and she shivered, an odd whining noise making its way up the back of her throat.

Something hard and sharp gripped her shoulder, right where it met her throat, and she froze as she realized he was biting her… her pulse pounded through her, loud in her ears, yet he didn’t break her skin. The sound of something tearing made her flinch, but his teeth held her in place, and as cool air wafted over her legs, she realized he’d torn her skirts.

He was going to mount her, like the beasts in the fields… and she wanted him to. Gods help her, but she did. Her pussy was swollen, aching, the cramping inexplicably eased by the noises he was making, but she could feel them growing stronger. She needed something inside her.

Needed him inside her.

Hot, furred muscles surrounded her, caging her. His arms were on either side of hers as his furred front brushed against her buttocks. The tip of his cock sought out her opening. Callista moaned as she felt it prod between her slick lips, more fluid leaking from her, coating her thighs. His teeth tightened on her flesh, and she whimpered, going still as he thrust into her.

It hurt.

The stretch.

The sting of having something pushed inside her where nothing had ever been before.

It hurt, yet it felt so good. So right.

A low growl met her moan, then he was pulling back before shoving in again, making her quiver around him. The feeling of fullness was overwhelming, the deep ache inside her wanting more, even as her muscles squeezed, trying to push the intruder out.

More… more…

“Please… more…” she whispered.

Perhaps she was a sinful, lustful Omega, exactly the way Father Conal had said. This was the first time she’d been around a male other than her father during her heat, and it didn’t matter that he was shaped as a beast—humanoid and intelligent, but a beast—her body ached for him.

She didn’t care what he looked like, only how he felt as he burrowed deeper inside her, his thick cock splitting her open. Crying out, she dug her fingers into the dirt beneath her, doing her best to stay in position, terrified if she moved his teeth might actually tear through her flesh, yet so aroused, she almost didn’t care if he did as long as he didn’t stop what he was doing.

Another thrust and he was fully inside her, his hot, furred body pressed against her bottom, his limbs caging her as he throbbed within her. Callista moaned again, her muscles clenching, releasing another round of hot slick that coated his groin.

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