Forbidden teaser

Steel gleamed under the lights, and Juliet could hear the murmur of anticipation from their audience as Orlando stepped up to her. Cupping her breast in one hand, he squeezed again, making her pulse throb. With the knife turned at an angle, he met her eyes and smiled as he laid its blunt edge against her skin, right at the center of her collarbone.
Even though the blunt edge wouldn’t cut her, Juliet’s pulse pounded in response to the hard metal touching her. The knife was cold, his hand was hot, and when he turned the knife again, she could feel the light touch of the edge as it slid down between her breasts, then curved along the underside of the one he was holding, just enough pressure to feel as if it was about to slice into her at any moment. Juliet barely dared to breathe as Orlando stroked her with its edge.
He turned it, and it scraped the sharp edge along the underside of her breast, and she gasped at the rougher sensation. A pass of his finger over the spot he’d just sensitized made her shiver. She could hear her blood thumping in her ears, moving faster in reaction to the threat of being spilled.
“How much pain do you like, Juliet?” Orlando asked, his voice a low murmur for only her ears. “A little?” The knife scraped to the side of where he’d first drawn the edge of the blade sideways over her skin. “A lot?” The point pricked the side of her breast, hard enough that pain sparked, and it was all she could do to remain still.
“Both.” She gasped out the word. “Sir.”
Orlando’s fingers released her breast, trailing over her stomach, which quivered under his touch. Closing her eyes, she moaned when he curved his fingers over the mound of her pussy, probing her wetness.
“Mmm, yes, you do.” Satisfaction laced his tone, making him sound smug. Normally, Juliet would have snarked back at him, but with his right hand gently resting a sharp knife next to her breast and his fingers circling her clit, she was having trouble coming up with a sassy reply.
When he pulled his hand away from her pussy, she made a sound of disappointment, her eyes opening to witness him bringing his fingers to his mouth. Holding her gaze, he popped the glossy digits between his lips, cleaning off her juices, and Juliet’s pussy clenched again. Fuck, that was so wrong and made it even hotter.
“What’s your safe word?”
“Red, but I’m very, very green right now. Sir.” It was still hard to remember to call him Sir, but it was getting easier. It felt wrong but right at the same time, even though she knew that didn’t make sense.
Giving her a wink, he refocused on the knife, drawing it across her breasts and stomach, changing its angle, so it scratched, scraped, and glided across her skin. Juliet shivered, doing her best to stay still as he tormented her with what he could do to her.
“Hold very, very still, sweetheart,” he said, then dragged the knife down her stomach to her thigh before sliding it between her legs.
Juliet’s breath caught in her throat at the same time she heard audible gasps from their watchers. The flat of the blade pressed against her inner thigh, then slid up. Orlando’s face was a mask of concentration. She whimpered, fear rising even faster than her arousal as the blade slid between her pussy lips.
She knew—knew—he would have the blunt edge up, but that didn’t stop the surge of worried terror. When she felt it press against her body, cold but not cutting, she nearly sobbed with relief. Her juices poured over the blade as Orlando carefully maneuvered it between her folds, keeping the point from actually pricking her while the blunt edge rubbed against her clit.
When he pulled it away, it was glistening. Orlando brought it up to her lips.
“Lick it clean,” he ordered, his voice husky.
Her tongue flicked out automatically, responding to his authority before she could think about it. Musky sweetness with a hint of salt rolled around her mouth, her tongue sliding up and down the flat of the blade as though it was his cock. Their eyes met again, and he watched her, rapt as she cleaned her own honey from the knife.
“Good girl.” Stepping back, he cleared his throat, then turned around, motioning to the Dungeon Monitor with the tray of knives. Clearly, they weren’t done yet. Juliet’s body throbbed with heady excitement.
What was he going to do next?