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His Omega Babygirl teaser

He tasted like mint and a hint of smoke, his lips rough on hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth as if he was conquering it. Trish couldn’t move away from the hands cradling her head, holding her in place. She didn’t want to kiss him back, but as she tried to move her tongue out of the way, it proved impossible, and their tongues slid together.
The rumbling purr in his chest assaulted her senses, the feel of his hands on her and his tongue in her mouth, sending her thoughts flying. They splintered, unable to form while he was claiming her.
A moment later, his lips lifted, and she stared up at him. It wasn’t until he pulled up her shirt that she realized what was happening. She tried to resist, even as her body exalted.
She’d never been with a man before. Never found one she wanted to be with. Now she was going to lose her virginity here, in front of a crowd, to an Alpha?
No, no, no, no… Her mind was horrified, but her treacherous body didn’t care.
Jordan easily stripped away her clothing, dropping it on the floor, then his lips crashed down on hers again.
He nipped her lower lip as one of his hands curved over the inside of her thigh before and pressed his finger between her wet lower lips. Trish let out a small sob against his mouth and tried to press her legs together even as her flesh burned, aching for more.
Releasing her mouth, leaving her gasping for air, Jordan pushed her back onto the bed, his hand cupping her mound. She could feel his fingers between her clamped thighs, rubbing over the swollen folds of her pussy, teasing the slick flesh, and causing waves of need to crash over her. Her stomach twisted and cramped.
“Let me in, little girl.” His hand came up to cup her breast, squeezing the soft mound. The sensation shivered through her, lighting her up from the inside as his hot breath brushed against her skin. “Relax, little Omega, I’m going to make you feel so good. I can see you’re hurting. Open your legs to me, and I can make you feel better.”
Trish made a little noise of distress. She didn’t want to feel good, but she wanted the cramping to stop.
She squealed when he pinched her nipple hard, sparking pain through the little bud. His fingers remained on the swollen tip, threatening. Trish swallowed back her tears and forced herself to relax against him and stop squirming, hoping he wouldn’t hurt her anymore if she obeyed.
“Good girl,” he crooned.
“Nooooo...” she said, pleading and moaning as his knees slid between hers and opened, spreading her legs with his own. The cool air on her exposed, heated flesh made it feel even more sensitive.
To her relief, he didn’t take immediate advantage of her vulnerability. Moving his hand up from between her legs, over her stomach, he caressed and squeezed her breasts, his lips moving over the back of her neck, biting gently at her skin as he fondled her.
It was only relief for a moment, though. His purrs intensified, and the need inside her body grew with them. A painful cramp twisted her insides, and she cried out.
“Don’t worry, little one. I have you.”
Jordan’s hand moved back down to her pussy. Trish arched against his fingers as they slid through the curls on her mound, down to her wet folds, gliding over her clit, gathering moisture before returning to caress the little bud. Hot liquid seeped out of her, pooling beneath her, and her heart pounded in her ears.
More, more, more, a greedy voice in her head demanded.
“Please, no.” She breathed the words, almost more to herself than Jordan. Her inner muscles tightened as he expertly moved his fingers over her exposed folds, exploring every nook and cranny, finding every sensitive spot. When one thick finger slid into her, the first thing she’d ever had inside her other than her own fingers, Trish cried out.
It felt far, far too good. Tears trickled down her cheek again. She couldn’t stop the rush of sensations, no matter how ashamed she felt them.
He pumped his finger back into her pussy, adding another one as she squirmed on his thrusting digit. Now that she was securely in position, he didn’t seem to mind her small movements since it was obvious she couldn’t get away. Trish moaned as he stretched her, in denial of her responses, but also because of how good it felt.
Bucking against his fingers, Trish panted with need. The cramping hadn’t stopped, but she was feeling fantastic.
Inside her core, her pleasure tightened like a wire around a spool, drawing thinner and thinner. When it snapped, her pussy closed around Jordan’s fingers, and she let out a small, high cry as her orgasm washed over her. The base of his hand rubbed against her clitoris as small convulsions of ecstasy wracked her body.

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