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Darkest Dawn teaser


Ungrateful, conceited, self-absorbed Alphas. Grigori’s lip wanted to curl, but somehow, he maintained his composure as he listened to them planning their useless plans. His eyes kept drifting to Malachi.

By this time tomorrow, the Alpha would be dead.

Fuck, he couldn’t wait.

This would be the last time his contributions would be so ignored. After tomorrow, they would all be dead, and he would be safe in Zone One with Tatiana, where his talents would be properly appreciated. Though he had not been asked to do so, Grigori had planned on ensuring Trace and Cora didn’t make it through tomorrow alive, either.

The rest of them would tear themselves apart, the Alphas fighting for dominance. Maybe Zone One would even be able to move in and take over both territories instead of just Jeffos’, the way he knew they planned.

The door opened, and Tatiana rushed in, concern on her face.

“What’s happening?” she asked as soon as she got through the door.

Grigori started to move toward her, but Malachi had already looked up and beckoned—as always, when Malachi crooked his finger, Tatiana went running.

Fury surged, but Grigori beat it back down again.

Tonight was the last time he’d have to watch Tatiana choose Malachi over him again. By this time tomorrow, he would be comforting her over Malachi’s death. She would mourn him, there was no way around that, but Grigori would be able to tolerate it, knowing she would turn to him in her hour of need.

After she got over Malachi’s death, she would be his. He intended to see it would take as little time as possible. Once she knew how life could be with just them, she would be happier than she had ever been.

“According to Grigori, Jeffos will attack at dawn,” Malachi said. There was something in the way he said it that made Grigori’s spine stiffen. As if Malachi did not quite believe him.

As if he thought nothing would happen at dawn, and Grigori would be shown to be a fool.

As if that was what Malachi wanted.

What if Jeffos does not attack?

It wouldn’t be only Malachi and the others who would mistrust his reports.

Though… he would still have the handcannon.

“Is there going to be an evacuation?” Tatiana asked.

If Grigori’s spine had stiffened before, that question made him feel as though someone had laced his spine with steel. She could not possibly be thinking of evacuating… could she?

Though he would hunt her down afterward if he had to, he did not like the idea of her out of his sight and reach. That would not do at all.

“Yes. As soon as we’re sure the way is clear and Jeffos isn’t waiting to ambush us,” Cora said.

They hadn’t trusted Grigori’s report. His hatred surged, but he beat it back, as he always did. It was harder to keep himself under control now. Perhaps because he was so close to finally being free of the Alphas, their arrogance and demands. Being this close made him want to lurch across the finish when it would be over, and he’d be completely free of them.

One more night. Just one more night.

“Will you go with them?” Malachi asked, his voice a mere murmur, but Grigori still heard it. Heard the concern. The hope.

“No, I’m staying with you.” Tatiana lifted her head, and the two of them stared into each other’s eyes.

Grigori could have gagged.

“Good.” The relief in Malachi’s voice was palpable as he tightened his arm around Tatiana. Selfish bastard. Of course, he’d prefer putting Tatiana in danger by keeping her where the battle was than sending her to safety with the other vulnerables.

Grigori couldn’t wait to kill him.

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