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Rising Dawn


Malachi’s room was among the largest in their hideout, big enough for the huge bed Tatiana shared with him at night, a bookshelf, a desk, and a small sitting area. Technically, she had her own rooms, but she rarely used them. Even when Malachi was gone overnight, she preferred his. Her nesting instincts drove her to his space rather than hers.

On the bed was her latest nest, undisturbed, and her happy heart crooned at the sight of it still there, but she didn’t have long to enjoy the sight. As soon as the door shut behind Malachi, he pulled her against him and claimed her lips in a deep, possessive kiss. Tatiana submitted to him, opening her lips for his tongue, her body bending against his as her hands rubbed his broad chest. She felt the rumble of his purr beneath her fingertips as much as she heard it, and her body quivered in response.

A gush of wet slick pulsed, coating the insides of her thighs. The scent of it filled the air around them, the sticky-sweet perfume of an Omega’s lust and need, an aphrodisiac for the Alphas around her. But the only Alpha she wanted, the only male she’d ever wanted, was Malachi.

He dominated her completely, backing her step by step toward the bed, to her nest. It was the work of a moment to divest her of the simple dress she wore, leaving her bare for his touch, for his lust. Tatiana moaned as his hands moved over her body, cupping and squeezing her lush breasts, caressing her hips and bottom, igniting a needy heat deep between her legs. It was met by the need in her heart, the yearning for Malachi’s bite, to be made his mate.

She knew better than to ask.

Going on his knees, he tipped her back onto the bed. Tatiana fell against her nest, a purr vibrating through her as the softness of the bed, pillows, and sheets cushioned her while Malachi spread her thighs. A hot, thick tongue laved between her lower lips, drinking her cream, making a feast of her desire.

The need that rose up, sharp and aching, pierced through her, leaving her breathless with hunger for him.

“Malachi…” Fingers threaded through his hair, she pulled him, trying to pull him up onto her, so she could have at his cock, her body aching and quivering to be filled and knotted, but he easily resisted. Licking and suckling, he tormented her with pleasure, giving her so much, although both of them knew it would not be enough.

His hands drifted up her body, arms beneath her thighs, spreading them wide with his shoulders, so he could cup and caress her breasts. Thumbs brushed against her nipples, teasing the tiny buds, adding more stimulation to the chaos already rioting through her.

He purred, the deep Alpha rumble sending a gush of fluid for him to lap up pouring from her. Tatiana writhed, a willing supplicant to the wave of lust, impatiently awaiting her fulfillment.

“Malachi, please!” Begging would do no good, it never had, yet she could not stop herself.

She burned.



Climax washed over her, resplendent rapture that made her cry out, twisting against his mouth while his tongue toyed with her clit, but it wasn’t enough. She was so empty, empty, empty. Her inner muscles clenched and quivered around a cock that wasn’t there, as if her spasm could make one appear to satisfy her body’s craving.

Then he stood, looming over her, one hand fisting his shaft, pumping. A drop of liquid quivered on the end, the heavenly scent calling to her, and Tatiana reached for him.

“No, little one, lie back. Hands above your head.” His voice was raspier, deeper than normal. Tatiana whimpered but obeyed, trusting her show of submission would tempt him far more than defiance.

With her hands up and her legs spread, she was bare to his gaze. Mounded breasts with their hard pink tips pointed to the ceiling, proffered up for his perusal. Tanned thighs spread wide, the sweet, dark pink flesh between them was swollen and glistening with her slick, ready to take him into her body and join them together as only Alpha and Omega could. She canted her hips upward, purring harder to tempt him with her exposed flesh.

“Good girl.”

The accolade never failed to make her flush with pleasure, from the top of her head to the tips of her curling toes.

Climbing into her nest with her, dislodging some of the cushions, Malachi settled between her thighs. His lips met hers, bringing the taste of her own arousal to her tongue as his cock nudged against the entrance to her body. Tatiana moaned, licking his mouth, her muscles stretching to accommodate her Alpha’s girth.

Rocking his hips, he pushed in deep, hard, just enough to hurt. The sting was delicious. She pushed her lower body up at him, wanting more. Hands slid under her shoulders, bracing her against him as he thrust, filling her completely with one sure stroke and making her cry out. The sound was muffled by his mouth as he drank in the noises she made as he rode her, the base of his cock already thickening and forming his knot.

It pulsed against the outside of her body, so wide and so unyielding. Despite being full to the brim with his flesh, she wanted more as she writhed beneath him in abject desire. Her whimpers met his growls, and with every noise he made, more slick poured from her, bathing his knot in her fluids, readying it for penetration.

Each hard thrust sent her senses soaring, and she finally could no longer hold back. Her hands moved, nails finding his shoulders and digging into the hard muscles. Tatiana screamed, her voice filling the room, along with Malachi’s grunts and growls as he rutted her. His knot was pushing inside her, opening and stretching her so wide, she felt like she was going to split apart.

Her back bowed, hips pushing up to meet his thrusts, her inner muscles sucking and pulling until finally, his knot shoved inside of her, joining them completely. They rocked together as it expanded even more, pushing against the walls of her body as her muscles clenched around him.

Spasms of ecstasy wracked her, her muscles clamping around his shaft and pulsing, milking him. Malachi groaned, fully embedded inside her, his body jerking as he came with every convulsion of her cunt around his cock. The hard knot at its base throbbed inside her, her muscles pummeling it, pulling at it as she writhed in erotic bliss.

Teeth finding Malachi’s skin, she sank them in, tasting blood as she bit his neck. She’d bitten him so many times, but without the return bite, their bond would never be complete. It did not matter. She needed to mark him as badly as she needed his cock inside her.

Shuddering, he growled, bowing his head before jerking it back, and she knew he was fighting his own instincts. Tears stung her eyes, but she blinked them back. Even though she did not agree with his reasons for leaving their bond incomplete, she understood them. Whether or not their lack of bond truly gave her any protection from those who might try to harm her to weaken him… well, she would tolerate what she had to in order to keep him.

One day, she promised herself… one day, they would be free of the Warlord’s rule, and Malachi would fulfill his promise, and he would be hers.

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