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Samara's Dr. Scene

“Don’t you know who I am?” Samara shouted at the guard’s back as the woman left the room.
Room? Doctor’s office?
Growling under her breath, Samara tugged at the restraints on her hands and ankles. She couldn’t exactly tug on the one around her waist or the one just over her breasts, leaving the soft mounds completely exposed.
The indignity of it all was enough to make her want to scream. She’d been dragged here, stripped, and restrained by the mostly silent guard who barely acknowledged her as a person, much less as the best-known actress in the entire universe. She hadn’t worked as hard as she had to be ignored by a rent-a-cop.
“We all know who you are, Miss Winters, but it no longer matters.” A brisk feminine voice came into the room as the other door, the one on the other side of the room that Samara had seen before she’d been strapped down, swished open. Young and pretty, far too pretty for the job she was doing, the woman was dressed as a nurse. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail that curved over one shoulder, coming to rest on her large chest. She looked more like a stripper than a nurse, Samara thought.
“Of course it matters. Untie me at once,” Samara responded haughtily. “This… this humiliation was hardly necessary.”
“That’s not a decision I can countermand once the guards have made it. Dr. Lesden will be here momentarily and if he decides you do not need the restraints, he will remove them. I must warn you, it is unlikely. He much prefers a patient who is restrained.”
Probably did, the sick bastard. It didn’t seem to bother the nurse much either, as she smiled cheerfully at Samara before going over to the wall to pluck some gloves from a box on the shelf. The entire office was set up like a regular doctor’s office, other than the subtle vibration from the ship’s engines, no one would ever be able to guess they weren’t on a planet, but were instead hurtling through space on a prison ship.
“I’ll do the initial exam while we wait for the doctor. And don’t get too unruly, dear, we have gags as well and neither the doctor nor I like to hear too much screaming.”
As the nurse wrapped a cuff around Samara’s arm to take her blood pressure, it occurred to Samara that there was a distinction between not liking to hear screaming and not liking to hear ‘too much’ screaming. A thread of uneasy worry trickled through her, and she clenched her jaw to keep her mouth shut for now.
She wouldn’t give the nurse the satisfaction of hearing Samara scream, much less of gagging her.
Taking Samara’s vitals, the nurse looked up and smiled when the doctor strode in. Dr. Lesden was a handsome man, but incredibly cold.
“Nurse Rose,” he said, nodding at the other woman and completely ignoring Samara. She fumed at the insult. The nurse might have bigger breasts than hers, but she wasn’t prettier. Samara was lusted after by men and women throughout the galaxies.
He was pretending to ignore her, she realized. Likely to get under her skin. Sniffing haughtily, she turned her head away from him, giving him the same treatment. A few men had tried that in the past, pretending disinterest in order to catch hers. It never worked of course, though it was a tactic she’d employed more than once as well.
Men loved a challenge.
Samara knew what she was worth. She would never go chasing after a man, especially one who had the bad taste to make her try.
“Her vitals all look good, as expected,” Nurse Rose replied, even though the doctor hadn’t asked.
“Good. Let’s get right to the test then.” Snapping his gloves on, Dr. Lesden strode to stand between Samara’s spread legs. She yelped as he unceremoniously shoved two fingers into her pussy without any lubrication. To her horror, she realized she was a little wet. Wet enough for him to have done so without adding lube to his gloved hand.
Before she could quite assimilate that knowledge, she yelped again as Nurse Rose cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples.
“Very responsive, her vagina contracted immediately,” Dr. Lesden said dryly, as if he couldn’t care less. His fingers pumped, going in deeper. “Good tone to the inner muscles.”
Humiliation swept over Samara, even more than before. She couldn’t imagine how a man managed to put his fingers in her pussy and show no signs of interest. It was nearly unthinkable.
Gay. He must be gay.
That was the only thing that made sense.
Not that she had time to think about it as Nurse Rose pinched harder, twisting Samara’s nipples and sending little jolts of pain through her body that seemed to go straight down to her clit.
“Ow, what are you doing? That hurts, you twit!” She shrieked. “Unhand me at once!” Trying to shake the nurse off, she could barely twist her torso back and forth, and she shrieked again when Nurse Rose held on tight to Samara’s hard nipples, each movement pulling even harder on them. “Let go!”
“She seems to enjoy the roughness,” Dr. Lesden said, completely ignoring her. “Her vaginal cavity is becoming wetter and softer. His fingers pumped again and then he pinched her clit and Samara yelped, shuddering from the sensations coursing through her.
That hurt!
“Stop it!”
They both ignored her, continuing on with their examination. Pure shame flowed through her when Dr. Lesden pushed his fingers into her anus and pronounced it ‘acceptable.’ Not only because of his judgment, but because of the way her body responded.
With the nurse pulling and twisting her nipples, the doctor’s fingers moving inside of her, she found herself moving closer and closer to orgasm. Pleasure was filling up inside her – and when the doctor suddenly stopped, she cried out in protest as he removed his fingers.
“Her responses are fine, but bad behavior will not earn you an orgasm,” he said, finally meeting Samara’s eyes and giving her a dark look as he stepped away. Gaping at him, Samara started to struggle against the restraints again.
“How dare you! You bastard!” She screamed epithets at him as he and Nurse Rose left the room. Her body ached and throbbed, pussy clenching uselessly while she threw herself against the cuffs.
The man was lucky to have touched her at all!
“That one has some hard lessons coming her way,” Dr. Lesden said just before the door closed.
Samara screamed wordlessly behind him. She’d show him. She’d show them all. She’d never be broken.

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