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Sinistre Ange

Sinfully Wicked Romance

Sinistre Ange is the alter ego of USA Today Bestselling Author Golden Angel and explores some of the more taboo and darker sides of romance and erotica.

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Got Milk?
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When tender, twenty-two year old Margaret's youthful mistake results in tragedy, she's wracked with guilt and convinced she should face certain death in the colonies. But when the authorities send her to a prison planet instead, she's relieved to be spared. Joining a herd of hucows on Hathor ensures her life won't be lonely. And most importantly, she'll never hurt anyone again.

As half-owner of Sweet Cream Farms, Leo can make any member of the herd his personal cow. And the new busty redhead, with her sad eyes and sweet demeanor, is exactly the special little cow he's been waiting for. Only her conversion stands in the way of him having her for his very own.

Take a sinfully kink-filled trip to a future humanity scattered among the stars in the Planets Apart Series by Sinistre Ange. Every volume is a sensual standalone adventure exploring the forbidden fantasy indulged in by the people who make their homes on the prison planets of The Allied Worlds.

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Dawn of the Alpha

A Dark Omegaverse Dystopian Soap Opera


Deep within the warring territories, a new Alpha is on the rise...

Son of a cruel Alpha Warlord, Jordan is determined to dethrone his father and free the warring territories from the despot and his murderous Warguard.

From a rival territory, two unlikely allies emerge: a powerful Alpha warrior named Malachi and his dutiful and unclaimed Omega, Tatiana. When the ruthless and lethal Malachi has avenged the death of his beloved sister at the Warlord's savage hand, he will finally claim Tatiana as his mate.

But as Jordan and Malachi join forces, the Beta Civilization of Zone One prepares to claim the territories as well.

And in war, there are no winners.

Some dynasties are meant to crumble. Welcome to the Rise of the Alpha Trilogy from the dark and twisted mind of Sinistre Ange. There will be heat, but there is no sweet. This dark omegaverse adventure is extra-hot, extra-adventurous, and extra-triggering. You have been warned.

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Trigger Warnings:

- Graphic Violence

- Sexual Assault / Dubcon

- Knotting

- Explicity Erotic Content

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